About Us

We are decoding human tissue biology to create revolutionary therapeutics.

Our Vision

We believe breakthrough therapeutics for patients with inflammatory diseases are within reach. By targeting the underlying dysregulation that drives disease, our team is identifying and advancing a pipeline of medicines that have the potential to transform how we treat debilitating inflammatory conditions.

Scientific Focus

We know that the immune system plays a significant role in the development of disease, but in-depth studies of immune processes in human tissue have historically been limited.

Until now.

With the advancement of functional genomics and sequencing technologies, and the increasing ability to process and interpret large quantities of high-dimensional data, we now have the tools to interrogate human tissue processes at unprecedented resolution.

TRexBio is at the forefront of these efforts, combining multidisciplinary expertise across immunobiology, drug discovery, functional genomics, computational and translational biology to uncover ‘deep biology’ in human tissues.

Our powerful discovery platform maps tissue regulatory T-cell (Treg) behavior to disease processes and identifies novel biology for therapeutic intervention.

Our Team

We are a team of experienced and passionate scientists, drug development experts, and industry leaders. We are committed to decoding the human tissue immune system and believe we are uniquely positioned to usher in breakthrough medicines with this approach.