Explore what it means to be a member of TRexBio, as well as our current open positions.

Why TrexBio?

  • Be part of cutting edge drug discovery, decoding human tissue immune biology to create revolutionary therapeutics.
  • Join a team of mission-driven, curious and collaborative data scientists, immunobiologists, and drug hunters as we discover and progress the next generation of immune modulators.
  • Be your unique self in a supportive and inclusive environment.

“Every day the team here amazes me with their creativity, scientific rigor, and support for each other. Each one of us is unique, and together we are TRex.”

– Melanie Kleinschek, Chief Scientific Officer


There are multiple ways to define the TRexBio culture:

We are Science-driven. Cutting-edge. Curious. Collaborative.

We are naturally inquisitive, with the determined nature required to realize our bold vision.

Open Positions

Are you interested in joining a team that is exploring a new approach to treating immune-mediated diseases?
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