Decoding Human Tissue Biology to Create Revolutionary Therapeutics

The foundation of our drug discovery and development efforts is our unique, human tissue-based Deep Biology Platform that allows us to map Treg behavior in human tissue to dysregulation in disease.

We are using our Deep Biology Platform to identify novel therapeutics for the treatment of immune-mediated diseases.

Tissue Regulation Expertise

We believe that by modifying the disease where it presents (our tissue focus), we can quiet the inflammatory process and restore tissue homeostasis (our Treg focus).

We start with a robust collection of human tissue across health and disease. Leveraging a suite of modern sequencing and computational tools, paired with disease-relevant human assay systems, we generate translatable insights to create revolutionary tissue Treg-focused therapeutics for immune-mediated diseases.

The Future of Treg Therapeutics is Here

TRexBio is unique. We set ourselves apart by combining a deep understanding of human tissue biology with expertise in machine learning and high throughput “-omics” to generate the highest resolution picture of human tissue immunobiology and the errant pathways that drive disease. We take a multidisciplinary approach, combining the latest sequencing and computational tools, translational immunology and traditional drug discovery techniques. We believe that finding next-generation therapeutics requires next-generation teamwork.

We are a team that welcomes differences in backgrounds, opinions and experiences. We believe we are better together.

Are you interested in joining a team that is fundamentally changing how Immune-mediated diseases are treated?